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Office Building Services

The walk through is the key to your satisfaction.
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Proper cleaning & sanitizing procedures
  • Use of the right disinfectant
  • Attention to corners and baseboards
  • Faucets, Handles & partitions are cleaned on a regular basis
Proper Carpets Care includes edges & corners
  • We spot spills before they become stains
  • Interim cleaning keeps carpet bright and extends carpet life
  • Extraction and Bonnet cleaning as needed
  • Special attention to high traffic paths
Hard Floor Surface Expertise
  • Quarry Tile, Ceramic, CVT, Marble and Granite Qualified
  • We will keep your grout clean
Waste Cans
  • Quality liners used
  • Liners replaced properly
Dusting and Windows
  • High, low and function level completed as specified
  • Microfiber cloths used throughout for more effective dust control

High Traffic Areas | Office Sanitation Board Room | Dusting and Windows

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